The Birth Project is a great little ‘zine produced by three fine birthworkers in the city of Ypsilanti.

It was started by Kate Stroud, massage therapist (my back cries out for her!), doula, and childbirth educator, and Amanda Topping, homebirth midwife extraordinaire.  Before the first issue came out, they let me in on their party.  We are lucky enough to be able to comb the universe for the best articles, poetry, artwork, photography, and other fragments about birth.  We have a great and noble mission that you can read about here.

I think that The Birth Project is unique because it allows women and men to talk about their experiences with birth in a personal, emotional way.  We like to highlight the personal experiences of parents, grandparents, birthworkers, activists, and the people who love them.  Like any stories that come from a place of truth and sincerity, the work in The Birth Project appeals to a broad audience, including people who may not think they have anything to do with birth.

The Birth Project is a community effort.  If you feel like you have something to contribute, please see our website for directions on how to submit ads, feedback, or original work.  Subscriptions and sample copies are also available there.

We are always looking for birth stories and other personal stories about birth.  Some other recurring features are:

People We Like:  Interviews about people who are making a difference in the birth world.

Think About It:  A short piece (500 words or less) that challenges the propaganda, mainstream cultural attitudes, or dominant view on topics related to birth and women’s health.

Healthy Eats:  Good food for the childbearing year.

DIY:  Articles about self-knowledge, home remedies, and underground gyn-ecology – ways women can get to know, take care of, and heal their own bodies.

Book Reviews:  Whatcha reading?

Check it out – we know you’ll love it!