Fertility Services

Helping women to achieve the pregnancies that they desire is a passion of mine.  I have been studying natural fertility promotion for nearly a decade and have been providing fertility counseling for women professionally for about three years.

Why would you want to see a homebirth midwife for fertility counseling?  Because homebirth midwives believe that most women’s bodies are powerful and capable of self-regulating and achieving optimal health with small amounts of supportive treatment and positive changes in diet, exercise, and daily habits. We are experts in helping you to work with the strengths that your body already possesses instead of trying to fix things that we perceive to be broken.

Why would you want to work with me in particular? Because I can offer you care that can dramatically increase your chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy while helping you to understand your body’s own rhythms and workings.  It is my hope that every woman I work with either leaves my care either with the pregnancy she wanted or with a wealth of knowledge and new understanding about her body that she can take with her to the other care providers she chooses to help her.

I am familiar with both Western and non-Western approaches to fertility promotion and am happy to work alone or in conjunction with other health care providers, whether they be reproductive endocrinologists or acupuncturists.  I specialize in low-tech care, attentive care. When we meet in person, visits usually last 1-2 hours so that I can get to know all of the factors that might be part of your health picture.  Once I have met once with a client, phone and email consultations are free.  This enables me to follow your progress and make suggestions about minor changes to your program that will help increase your success.

I specialize in working with women over 35, women with insulin resistance and PCOS, women who are trying to conceive while breastfeeding an older child, women who have recently stopped using hormonal birth control, and natural family planning for pregnancy achievement and avoidance. Diet counseling, herbs, and homeopathy are a big part of my practice. I also counsel male partners and known donors on ways to enhance their fertility.

Planning to Conceive Via Donor Insemination?

For women who using donor insemination to achieve a pregnancy, I can offer several unique services:

In-depth counseling and planning regarding all aspects of the conception and donor insemination process, including physical, legal, financial, emotional, and social factors.

Education about ways to precisely time insemination to get the best results possible within the fewest cycles.

Sensitive care friendly to the needs of women and their partners.

In-depth chart review and free email and phone consultations as you progress through your cycles.

Appropriate care for women who would otherwise not need help from a reproductive endocrinologist -- keeping the process of pregnancy low-tech and low-intervention.

Insemination services in your home or my office.

Access to some laboratory services for sperm preparation.

Fees for all services are designed to be affordable.  Insurance reimbursement may be available for some services.